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"People- and earth-friendly life with safety and security assured"This is what Yamazen seeks.

The fields of housing and living are facing higher demands with the increasing awareness of ecological problems, including energy conservation, low birthrate and aging population, health, and a barrier-free environment, in addition to further concerns of security and safety. Everyday life is filled with laughter, tears, and joy. Yamazen is committed to the full accomplishment of not only protecting the commonplace and ordinary life and environment, but also ensuring a secure and safe diversified daily life. We strive to provide a "People- and earth-friendly life with safety and security assured" and "Comfortable and satisfying life". Our business is to deliver "smiles to people" and an "inspirational daily life", which gives us great pleasure.

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    Household Electrical Appliances,Interior Goods / Assembly furniture,Camping and Leisure Goods,Work Tools.

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