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Initiatives for Quality Control

At Yamazen, we are actively engaged in ensuring product safety. We fully advocate the principles of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and understand the responsibilities we hold as a consumer goods manufacturer. This section shows our basic policies and action guidelines for product development and product safety for consumer satisfaction and safety.

Product Quality and Customer Service

We consider it to be an important quality policy not only to improve product quality but also to respond to customers when quality problems occur. We strive to take a full array of measures in the areas of both product quality  and customer service.

quality01 ・We give higher priority  to quality than to costs  and profits.  The safety of consumers is our top priority.
・We develop new products only when we can ensure their full safety.
quality02 ・We handle only products that comply fully with our own quality standards. Yamazen's quality standards are equal to, or more rigorous than, those established by industry organizations, etc.
img_quality01_04 ・We handle highly universal, basic products over a long period of time, making improvements continuously, thus minimizing possible accidents and defects.


quality04 ・When responding to inquiries and complaints, we consider the safety, convenience, and satisfaction of customers (consumers and corporate clients) most important.
quality05 ・We ensure consumers' easy access by taking various measures, including the establishment of call centers.
・We take necessary measures immediately after recognizing an occurrence of a quality problem.
quality06 ・We make all-out efforts for information disclosure and strive to secure means of information disclosure.

Risk Management System

  • We are making continuous efforts to improve product safety. Efforts include identifying risks involved in product use, including improper use, and evaluating such risks. We strive to reflect the results of these evaluations on product design, components, warning labels, and instruction manuals.
  • We are developing various regulations necessary to ensure product safety. They cover product safety standards and quality control, a clear understanding of the suppliers of raw materials and components, and systems that enable the sharing of information on product specifications with suppliers.
  • We have established the Quality Control Department  (within the Home Products Division) and the Product Liability & Intellectual Property Department  (company-wide organization), both of which are responsible for product safety on a daily basis in the procurement of raw materials and components, production, the sale of products, and other operations. Furthermore, we have set up the Quality Control & Product Liability Committee,  which supervises quality control on a company-wide scale.
  • Assuming consumers may suffer substantial damage due to the occurrence of a serious product-related accident or other reasons, we have also established the Risk Management Committee  to take effective measures in the case of an emergency.

Information Gathering, Communication, and Information Disclosure Systems

  • We are developing systems for gathering information on product-related accidents, including flaws, defects, and complaints, and communicating such information internally. Information gathering systems include consumer responses such as those received via toll-free telephone services and web-based inquiries.
  • We are striving to establish systems that enable us to disclose and share information on product-related accidents or other problems, with sellers and other outside stakeholders.

Product Recall System

  • If a product-related serious accident or other grave situation occurs, we make it a basic principle to swiftly take such measures as product recalls from the viewpoint of ensuring the safety of consumers and fulfilling corporate social responsibilities.
  • We strive to prevent the recurrence of product-related accidents, etc., and to improve product safety on a continuous basis by reflecting information on such accidents to the improvement of product design, components, warning labels, and instruction manuals.