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Business Outline

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Industrial Tools & Equipment

Yamazen comprehensively supports factory businesses, from planning and operations to environmental settings.

We are a general system producer for the factory industry.

Manufacturing businesses are required to address the diverse needs of each production site. The Industrial Tools & Equipment Department utilizes our abundance of accumulated and profound technical intelligence, know-how and high-tech products, which meet the needs of production sites. We complement the formulation of supply chain management (SCM) in various production plants by making specialized products in each field, developing original products and improving expertise, such as merchandising (MD), engineering, and member supply/processing capabilities.

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Busines Items

Factory automation/distribution-related equipment/Mechatronics-related equipment/Environmental facility equipment/Air-conditioning equipment/Industrial machinery & equipment/Steel frame,plate, compact processing machine

Material handling equipment, Packing/wrapping equipment, Automated warehousing, Picking/sorter system, Robot system, CAD system, Motor, Oil/air pressure equipment, Energy saving equipment, Automation equipment,Compressor, Pump, Blast equipment, Painting equipment, Welding equipment, Power generating equipment, Compact construction machine, Multilevel parking lot, Steel frame processing machine, Plate processing machine, Compact processing machine, Cleaning equipment, Effluent treatment, Dust extracting equipment, Incinerator, Volume reduction machine, Other plastic volume reduction machine, Oil mist, Solvent recovery equipment,Grinding and cleaning equipment, Deodorization equipment, Acoustic absorption/sound-proofing system, Food scraps processor, Aluminum profile, Clean room, HVAC equipment, Air-conditioning control equipment.

Cutting tooling system/Measuring equipment/Hand/Electric/Oil & air pressure tools/Various equipment

Cutting tools/Grinding/Diamond tools, Tooling, Machine peripheral equipment, Measuring equipment, Hand/Plumbing /Oil, air pressure tools/ Electric tools, Welding machine, Cutting machine, Band sawing machine, Press-related tools, Tool grinding machine, Compact machine tools, Construction/cargo handling-related equipment, Chemical products, Aids for Environmental improvement, Office automation/office equipment
Electric appliances