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Home Products

We present you with a lifestyle full of originality and dreams.
We aspire to be an innovative partner who brings originality to your life.

The Home Products Division ensures a broad distribution channel by the development of original products that meet the needs of the market and consumers, and by providing imported and up-market products. We offer wide-ranging safe and secure products for hobbies, leisure, sports, interior decoration, and the outdoors, the popularity of which are growing at a rapid rate every year in response to the individualization and diversification of lifestyles. We strive to remain as the market leader that supports affluent and inspirational living from the standpoint of the industrial role model. Our considerable efforts are also focused on shaping an original information and distribution network to ensure the stable delivery of "what you need, where you need it, and when you need it".


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Original Goods

The YAMAZEN brand was created by listening to the "voices from the sales floor", based on the concept of imaginative ideas and reasonable prices. We are continuously developing the brand in diverse directions while maintaining our commitment to safety and reliability as well as the cost effectiveness that only this brand offers.

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