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Basic Policies Regarding IR

1.Build Relationships of Mutual Trust

Yamazen recognizes that it is the responsibility of management to establish sufficient accountability, and enhance transparency in management. We will strive to provide timely, appropriate and fair disclosure, and build a relationship of mutual trust with our shareholders and investors.

2.Maximize Corporate Value

Yamazen's goal is to be a value-generating corporation, and it is our management policy to also enhance the corporate value of the Company itself. Through effective IR activities, our value creation process will be revealed in our proper market value, and maximize our corporate value.


IR Disclosure Policy

Information to Be Disclosed

Yamazen discloses more than just what is stipulated by applicable laws and regulations, providing information useful in the promotion of a deeper understanding of the Company, such as its business content, unique features, and strategic vision.

Method of Disclosure  

Yamazen provides disclosure as stipulated by applicable laws and regulations, and also operates this website to provide an environment for such information to reach a wider range of people.

Internal IR Structure

Yamazen has formulated an IR Activity Operations Policy to consolidate its internal IR structure, and is continuing to develop a coordinated IR program. We have also established a Disclosure Committee as part of our efforts to build a highly trustworthy disclosure structure, also including IR activities.


Quiet Period for IR Activity

To prevent leaks of financial results and preserve fairness, Yamazen observes a "quiet period" during the four weeks prior to the announcement of its earnings results, during which time it refrains from responding to comments or questions regarding its financial settlement. During this period, however, should the Company anticipate that results will vary significantly from forecasts, we will, accordingly, disclose such information by means of a press release.

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