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Privacy Policy

Yamazen Corporate (Hereafter referred as ‘Yamazen’) recognizes it as our critical
responsibility to protect your privacy. We have set up Privacy Policy as follows to respect
your personality and to carefully handle your privacy with complying with the Private
Information Protection Law

1. Collection and purpose of use of private information

  Yamazen collects personal information appropriately as well as fairly. Yamazen will either
  make public or notify the relevant person the purpose(s) of use except cases of permitted
  under the related laws or regulations in obtaining personal information. Yamazen will not
  use private information for other purposes.

2. Appropriate control on private information

  In order to avoid loss, damage, modification or leakage of private information, Yamazen
  will take necessary and appropriate security control measures.

3. Subcontracting private information

  Yamazen may subcontract the processing of private information entirely or partially to a
  third party. Yamazen will exercise necessary and adequate supervision to the party by such
  means as making obliged to comply with the laws on privacy policy.

4. Providing to Third Parties

  Without the consent of the individual, Yamazen will not disclose or provide personal
  information to any third party other than subcontractors, except for cases permitted under
  the related laws or regulations.

5. Personal information disclosure, correction, suspended usage and complaints/inquiries

  Yamazen will swiftly respond to request(s) from the individual or the proctor such as to
  disclose, correct, or further usage of the personal information, by going through the
  procedure set up in our company without any delay. We also respond sincerely and quickly
  to complaints, consultations, inquiries and so on.

6. Compliance and review on the applicable laws and regulations

  Yamazen will comply with the applicable laws and regulations, and also we will facilitate
  the acknowledgement of appropriate control on personal information through in-house
  education and enlightenment, also we will continuously review the control structure.

Apr. 1st, 2017

Yuji Nagao
President CEO & COO

Yamazen Corporation Privacy Policy in Yamazen Website

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