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Distribution of Ecologically Friendly Products

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'Contribute to the environment through business'. We, Yamazen set 'dissemination of ecologically friendly products' in our environmental policy as a specialized trading company for production equipments & consumer goods. We refer products more beneficial to environment than the standard such as solar power generating system as ecologically friendly products. We are trying to establish manufacturing environment which is ecologically friendly and easy for the workers under the collaboration of manufacturers, professionals in manufacturing and the dealers, as well as comfortable and healthy living environment.

Production Equipment Division

The production equipment department develops environmental products, displays products in environmental exhibitions, and holds environmental seminars. It is actively engaged in providing solutions to companies engaged in environmental ISO and local neighborhood affiliations and in developing those markets.

Housing Equipment and Materials Division

Contributing to the environment by creating highly functional and comfortable homes

Creating 21st century eco-homes for a healthy environment

To comply with the “Next-generation Energy-saving Standard” and the “Quality Assurance Act”, we are hard at work on construction materials and methods needed for energy-saving housing design and highly airtight and adiathermanous homes as part of our eco-home creation solutions.

Creating healthy living spaces for healthy people

Our solutions also cover creating healthy living spaces, such as interiors, that use natural materials that accord with “living naturally with nature”, while also creating barrier-free housing.

Home Products Division

Environmental load reduction of packaging material

We are reducing Styrofoam used as packaging and cushioning material for our original products. We are also taking other environment-focused actions, such as using recycled cardboard and employing recycled paper in product manuals.

Ecologically friendly products

Eco-friendly products
Environmental contribution products
Products that are designed and manufactured to reduce environmental load in the pertinent product's life stages, including manufacturing (materials used), transport, use, disposal, etc. Products, including equipment and devices, etc., that through their use, contribute to environmental preservation.
◆Energy-saving equipment ◆Waste separation, storage, and conveyance systems
◆Green energy systems ◆Volume reduction machines (press compactors, thermal compactors, crushing machines)
◆Eco-machine tools ◆Food scraps processors
◆Dry processing tools and equipment ◆Waste oil, fluids, solvent cleaners recycling
◆Anti-dioxin incinerators ◆Sludge processing and discharged water purification equipment
◆Resource-saving products ◆Soil contamination improvement products
◆Use of recycled materials and eco-materials ◆Cleaning and health & safety products
◆Sterile, antibacterial, and HACCP-compliant equipment  ◆Dust collecting equipment and mist collectors
◆Materials for homes with high air-tightness and adiathermancy ◆Deodorizing, air cleaning, clean rooms
◆Housing equipment and materials with high air-tightness and adiathermancy ◆CFC recovery equipment
◆Anti-sickhouse measures ◆Sound absorption, soundproofing, anti-vibration equipment
◆Eco-building materials ◆Environmental monitoring, measuring equipment, management tools
◆Lifestyle and work environment improvements  

Ecologically Friendly Product: Topics

● Eco-machine tools that are easy on people and the environment

Power-saving functions, power consumption reduction; 30% reduction in floor space use; full-size cover, built-in internal chip conveyer, and safety door as standard equipment; mist and dust recovery equipment (special specifications)


● Solar power generation systems

Solar power generation is a green system that generates power from the light emitted from the sun—an inexhaustible source of green energy. Such systems can be installed on various roof types, and excess power generated can be sold to power companies. Installations are expected to increase in the future with the support of facilitative subsidy programs.


Campaign for the environment

● The “Green Ball Project” engages in the exchange of eco-equipment CO2 reduction amounts for CERs. Small steps lead to big strides in eco-performance. banner
In FY2005, Yamazen began a campaign of buying from participating companies CO2 reductions, enabled by introducing eco-housing equipment, such as Eco cute, and solar power generation and energy-saving industrial equipment, such as factory compressors, hydraulic equipment, and factory air conditioning units. From 2008, we began as the fourth stage, the “Green Ball Project”, which incorporates a scheme of supplying C02 emission quotas.

Environmental Exhibitions

● Resonating with manufacturers and users

▪ In FY2009, exhibitions dedicated to the environment and accompanying seminars were held in Hamamatsu, Tokyo, and Fujishima, stimulating vigorous business discussions.
▪ Yamazen was also active in exhibiting ecologically friendly products in 12 international exhibitions in six countries, at public exhibitions such as the Mechanical Components and Materials Technology Expo (M-Tech) and the Shiga Environmental Business Exhibition, along with local private shows.
▪ Plans and exhibitions are also underway in FY2010.



● We hold “eco-schools” with an original curriculum devoted to the environment.  

・This curriculum includes study and approaches to environmental laws that lead to substantial solution-oriented business.
● “Eco-seminars” covering various themes held nationally

・FY2009 saw a total of 475 seminars and 8,120 participants. Exhibitions are being planned and held in all areas during this term as well.



● Supporting companies engaged in environmental preservation

・Catalogs contain categories of eco-product solutions that further user environmental purposes and goals.

・Energy-saving equipment; green energy systems; aids for work environment improvement; waste oil, fluids, solvent cleaners recycling; sludge and discharged water purification equipment; waste materials separation, storage, and conveyance systems; volume reduction machines, anti-dioxin incinerators; CFC recovery equipment; deodorizing, air cleaning, clean rooms; environment monitoring/measurement equipment (not available to the public)


Ecologically friendly product symbol

At Yamazen, we established the “ecologically friendly product symbol” for products that we specify as “ecologically friendly products”, and we are engaged in their distribution. These are products can exceed standards and benefit the environment by contributing or adapting to it. This symbol incorporates the Yamazen logo concept, which expresses the idea of a triumvirate consisting of manufacturer, distributor, and user, with the single aim of realizing a recycling society. e_p09