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Corporate Social Responsibility

There are people, there's a society, and a company. We strive to establish a reliable corporate brand.

Our management philosophy creed is 'to contribute to the prosperity of the industry and affluent society' through 'fostering human resources we can be proud of in society' and 'nurturing corporate culture constantly adjusting and responding to the era'. With considering Yamazen's sprits in foundation and history, we keep this spirit as our business basics in aiming healthy grown and prosperity in the future.

Under the circumstance in which 'corporate' is focused as a member of society, we set up 'YAMAZEN Groups Activity Charter' in order to realize this 'management philosophy'. We aim to fulfill our social responsibility as 'a good corporate citizen', and to establish 'reliable corporate brand' as an existence useful to society.

  • Environmental Activities

    ecoThrough implementation of environmental management, Yamazen is contributing to the prevention of global warming and the formation of a recycling society.

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