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Message from President

Firstly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your continued support and patronage.

The Yamazen Group is a “double-winged” trading company that specializes in two major fields: production equipment and consumer goods. In the field of production equipment, we support the manufacturing industry by supplying machine tools, industrial machinery and equipment, and industrial tools, while in consumer goods, we strive to preserve everyone’s quality of life through supplying housing equipment and materials and home products. Through deeper, more industry-savvy expertise structured on “product,” “knowledge” and “information,” the Yamazen Group has been providing solutions to customers’ problems and contributing to improved quality of life.

We have not achieved this alone, however, and I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all our stakeholders, notably our customers, business partners and shareholders, for their ongoing cooperation and support that have allowed us to realize all our achievements since our founding in 1947.

We are now witnessing a great transformation in the world. Dizzying changes are afoot, affecting both the industrial structure and the market environment, and these changes are taking place on an ever expanding global stage. Aware of this new age with its changing environments, we are preempting big changes in manufacturing with respect to IoT and AI, lifestyles and consumer habits. In order to respond to such change, we have been changing our own business to transition from a company that simply sells products into a “change-readiness business” that responds to the changes in the world, and contributing to providing solutions to customers’ problems and improving quality of life.

Moreover, in addition to conducting our various business activities, we also seek to continue being a useful member of society as a good corporate citizen. We will therefore actively strive to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities in management.

Looking to the future, we will strengthen our “field strength” to better meet the trust and expectations of our stakeholders and society in general, always from our customers’ viewpoint, and actively aspire to be a “youthful company unafraid of change” that embraces swiftness in order to further continue our efforts. Accordingly, I look forward to your continued cooperation and support.

President CEO & COO



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