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Corporate Outline

Yamazen has expertise in promoting quality of life and supporting manufacturing.

Yamazen is a specialized trading company with expert 'knowledge' and 'information' in the fields of manufacturing and home products.
Our main fields of business are production equipment and consumer goods manufacturing. In the production equipment sector, we manufacture machine tools, industrial systems etc. that support manufacturing industries. In the consumer goods sector, we provide housing equipment and home products that enhance quality of life and facilitate the 'creation of comfortable living space.'
Our aim is to be a specialized and professional trading company in the international arena and capture the top share in both the fields of production equipment and consumer goods. In addition, we aim to move forward and establish new business ventures so as to be able to deal with changing needs and modernization.

Address 2-3-16 Itachibori,Nishi-ku,Osaka 550-8660,Japan
Established May 30,1947
Paid in Capital 7,909 mil. Yen(As of March 2020)
Fiscal year Ending March 31
Stock Listings On the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange Markets
Main Bankers Mizuho Corporate Bank, Resona Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Bank,
MUFG Bank, Ltd., Mizuho Trust Bank
Number of employees 3,077 (Consoldated as of March 2020)
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