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Domestic Network


Through a network consisting of the Osaka and Tokyo corporate headquarters, four regional headquarters, and 53 branches, Yamazen is engaged in community-based sales and services.
Yamazen also provides logistics services in response to user needs through a distribution network of 14 domestic logistics centers which are dedicated to production equipment and consumer goods.

Corporate Headquarters:

Address :2-3-16 Itachibori,Nishi-ku,Osaka 550-8660,Japan.

Address :2-16-2 Konan,Minato-ku,Tokyo 108-8217,Japan. The 12,13,14th floor of the TAIYO-LIFE SHINAGAWA BUILDING

Regional Headquarters : Osaka, Tokyo, Kitakanto/Tohoku,Nagoya, Kyushu,Hiroshima, and other 53 Branch Offices spreaded over Japan.
Subsidiary : 8
Logistics : 14 Stations
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