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Yamazen, a specialized trading company, is a supporter of manufacturing and the creator of comfortable living space in response to changing and flexible industrial structures.

We aim to add value in the market by:

Solving diverse problems customers are facing by proposing effective and efficient solutions, derived from years of experience.

Creating added value for customer satisfaction.

We aim to add value to society by:

Distributing fairly-created added value to our stakeholders.

Driving Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) management forward.


We have adopted the motto "Beyond Expectations" as our management vision in order to reach high targets to maximize satisfaction of our stakeholders.

We constantly strive to provide the highest value-added products in each field by integrating effective policies for products, prices, sales, and distribution channels in our core business areas of production goods, housing equipment and materials, and household products.

We continuously focus on our corporate social responsibilities (risk management, compliance, sustainability) and our contributions to the prosperity of the industry and the development of an affluent society.

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