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Business Outline

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International Operations

Yamazen is a solution provider that runs a worldwide network.

We reinforce the prosperity of regional communities and industries around the world.

Through the global four-pole system composed of Japan, the United States, Europe, and Asia, we have expanded our reach in sales and services throughout the world. It is not only advanced engineering-based service locations, but also a community-based sales structure that has been deployed in major industrial cities worldwide. We provide the latest information for customers around the world, obtained from internal and external sources, cutting-edge technologies, and superior products enhanced by our own know-how, and have also contributed to community and industrial development via our global network as a solution provider. We devote our efforts through reciprocal business between Japan and other countries, the assistance of overseas transfers between Japanese and international companies, the international procurement of products, parts, and materials, and consultations on international transactions.



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