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Business Outline

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Domestic Operations

Yamazen is a supporter of manufacturing and the creator of new added-value that offers effective business solutions developed from Yamazen's own perspective.

"Manufacturing business" is the backbone of the Japanese economy. These manufacturing areas need to be tailored to the requirements of production innovations, which have been undergoing rapid advances in terms of high value products, functions, development and design, in order to gain a worldwide competitive edge. "Green actions," including energy conservation and chemical substance control measures, are today's indispensable conditions for manufacturing business. Yamazen not only explores the frontiers of the production goods industry, but attends to the needs of every manufacturing setting. Coupled with our long-acquired expertise, we assure total provision of information, cutting-edge technology, products, and systems by virtue of our solid solution capabilities, and associations with leading manufacturers in various fields. With our high added-value business operations, we remain a continuing supporter of Japan's proud "manufacturing business" that will lead to further production innovations.

  • Industrial Tools & Equipment

    ・Factory automation/distribution-related equipment/Mechatronics-related equipment,etc

    ・Cutting tooling system/Measuring equipment/Hand/Electric/Oil & air pressure tools/Various equipment,etc.