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Business Outline

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Building Materials

Yamazen caters to your housing and living needs.

We offer products that enable a healthy life and agreeable value for your home.

Aspiring "to contribute to providing a comfortable dwelling", our Building Materials Department comprehensively assists customers to build people- and earth-friendly homes by offering new products and systems focusing on ecology, energy conservation, clean energy, health, and barrier-free environments. In response to changes in the needs of the current age and trends, we have carefully selected a broad range of not only prestigious and refined products from Japan, but also products from the United States and Asia, in addition to countries advanced in home ideas, such as Sweden, Norway, and Canada. Our attention has been focused on the growing house remodeling market for many years.
We are infusing new breath into the housing business, not only by offering interior/exterior roof materials and housing materials with high air-tightness and thermal insulation properties, but also by imparting our rationalized wooden construction method with high cost performance.

Business Items

Housing equipment and materials and life-peripheral equipment

System kitchen, Kitchen/bathroom/sanitary equipment, Eco cute, Water boiling equipment, Bathtub, Water heater, Solar power generation system, Air-conditioning equipment, Bathroom heating system, Electric film type floor heating, Ventilator, Plumbing materials, Temporary house/exterior, Parking lots/elevator, Home appliances/furniture, Housing tool, Construction equipment/materials, Nursing care equipment, Construction materials, High quality houses, Exterior and interior architectural materials for buildings and factories, Stone materials, Painting materials, Roof materials, Floor materials, Houses and materials with high quality (high air-tightness and high adiathermancy), Rationalized construction method with timber structure, Imported architectural materials, sauna.


Business Description

We provide total business from procurement and supply of primary processed products to retail merchandise.

Procurement and stable supply of primary and secondary processed goods domestically and globally
■Wooden finished goods(Lumber, Laminated wood, Plywood, etc.) - Japanese housing & construction material makers, Pre-cut trader, Panel factory
■Industrial goods (Metal goods, plastic goods, electric equipment, etc.) - Japanese housing makers, House makers, Housing Franchisors
Intermediate wholesales of domestic and foreign housing equipment & materials
■Housing equipment & materials makers' products (housing equipment & materials etc.) -Wholesaler, Sales agencies -Local builders, Remodelers
■Euipment Makers' products (Air-conditioner, Water boiling equipment, Plumbing materials - Wholesaler, Sales agencies, Utility work companies
Housing support and product development for House-makers & Home-builders
■Proposal on Rationalization in transportation to site, and Manufacturing Management System
■Supplying parts and materials with structure calculation for rationalized construction method with timber structure
■Supplying housing materials with high airtightness and high adiathermancy
■Supplying materials for wellness-oriented houses (interior, fixtures, materials to adjust humidity, ventilation system, etc.)
■Supplying new energy, and equipment for environment facility (Solar power generator, Energy-saving water heater, Air-conditioner, Equipment for facilities using nature, etc.)